Naïve, raw and singular artists in Morocco since the 50s

06 december 2016  –  06 june 2017

The MACMA presents a retrospective of Moroccan artists representing naïve, raw or singular art since 1950. With works by Moulay Hmed Drissi, Mohamed Hamri, Mohamed Ben Allal, Said Ait Youssef and Ahmed Louardiri Fatima Hassan El Ferrouj, Ahmed Balili, Chaibia Tallal, Abbès Saladi and Mohamed Tabbal …

Many were initiated and found their vocation in the daily contact of the French artists who employed them, who as gardener, who as cook or domestic … If most of these artists are now missing, their colors, their freshness remain as intact as the particular light that runs through their paintings.

« Facing History » Najia Mehadji and Mahi Binebine

26 February 2016 – 08 May 2016
Pascal Amel, Exhibition Curator

“What can art be like in confronted to the tragedy of history? How can we bear witness to the unnameable with the symbolic weapons of culture alone? How can works be in contact with the inhuman and generate humanity in spite of everything? How can they make us consciously aware of what has taken place – of what, alas, is still current – while deepening our sensitivity? How can they be both existential and innovative, “critical” and “poetic”?

The works of Mahi Binebine and Najia Mehadji meet this double requirement. “