Nabil El Mallouki, the founder of the MACMA

His dream was to create a place of memory but also artistic stimulation, dedicated to Moroccan heritage. MACMA has become this reality. Now it has become a part of the cultural life, and it is above all a gift to the city of Marrakech, from one of his children.

Nabil is a Marrakchi of birth and of heart. He grew with the image of a father amateur of ancient craftsmanship, seeker in the markets of antiquities and flea market … And this patrimonial universe of antique objects and witness images of the history of Morocco, has largely influenced his interest in art.

Besides his trade in the bank, he remains impregnated and influenced by this magical world of creation and artists. With his associate and friend Youssef Falaky, he launched in 1999 the Matisse Art Gallery in the heart of Gueliz and became an inescapable ambassador of the most renowned Moroccan artists on the national and international markets.

“Marrakech has brought me enormously in my life. It is also one of the most beautiful cities in the world and a world-renowned artistic platform. But I realized that a gallery is too dependent on its owner, when it stops, voluntarily or not, the gallery disappears with him. I wanted to make my work less ephemeral. And so I created the MACMA, in the spirit of Patrons, because a museum lasts in time, no matter the identity of its founder. I also wanted to give this gift to my city to gather in its heart, testimonies of the extraordinary artistic heritage of Morocco. “